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The YOGC licensing policy:

If you want to make and sell products that are compatible with the Wayfarers RPG, feel free to do so. In fact, we encourage you to.


Wayfarers is mostly Open Game Content. This is indicated on page two of the Wayfarers sourcebook. This means that you can make derivative works using most of Wayfarers as your source.


If you'd like to make derivative or Wayfarers-compatible work, you only need to ask permission if you are using any Wayfarers product identity. This product identity is limited to artwork, the YOGC logo, and the names 'Ye Olde Gaming Companye', 'Wayfarers', and 'World of Twylos'. In addition, any text of more than 100 consecutive words cannot be used verbatim without our permission.


The YOGC is friendly when it comes to derivative works and use of Wayfarers product identity. In most cases we will grant permission to use product identity, especially if your work is compatible with Wayfarers.



The Ye Olde Gaming Alliance

If you like, you can apply the Ye Olde Gaming Alliance (YOGA) logo to your product. The YOGA logo lets people you are part of the Ye Olde Gaming Alliance. The YOGA logo is not product identity and is free for you to use as you wish.


The YOGA logo is available for download here.



What is the Ye Olde Gaming Alliance?

The YOGA is a group of people who make products compatible with the Wayfarers RPG. The logo let's people know your product is compatible with Wayfarers.



If I make products compatible with Wayfarers do I have to use the  YOGA logo?

No, you can use it if you want, or not.



Will the YOGC want royalties if I make a Wayfarers-compatible product?




More questions? Feel free to contact us at: