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World of Twylos Campaign Setting


The ills of man are never healed.

Rather, new edifices are raised upon the ruins of the old, and newer now again atop of those.

Who shall bring the last black brick upon the mortar?

Who will suck the last of marrow from our broken bones?

It cannot last- it cracks and crumbles till even these curtains turn to ash.

Epilogue 1:709. "A Shadow's Fall" by Tabitha Morgan.


The World of Twylos is old. Over the centuries, great cities and kingdoms that once flourished have since fallen into ruin. The first Empire of Irendor came to an end centuries ago. In turn, newer nations rose up, and have begun to grow fat and corrupt on the ancient wealth, magic, and technology of the older Empire.


Featuring a dark and vivid history, the World of Twylos campaign setting provides descriptions of locations, personalities, items, creatures, folklore, religions, organizations and works of art, inviting both Game Masters and players to explore the vast secrets of Twylos, and possibly to alter its fate.



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