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Wayfarers Fantasy Roleplaying Game


The Ye Olde Gaming Companye is proud to announce the revised Wayfarers Roleplaying Game.


Two books, the Player's Reference Book, and the Game Master's Reference Book, contain everything you need to play Wayfarers.


A living system with an old-school feel, Wayfarers enables you to play a warrior, priest, wizard, ranger or rogue, or to create an entirely unique persona.


With dozens of disciplines and proficiencies, four types of magic, and over 500 spells, the possibilities for characters are limited only by the player's imagination.


For the Game Master, Wayfarers provides hundreds of detailed creatures, items, optional rules, useful analysis and advice.


Finally, G. Vrill's vivid World of Twylos Campaign Setting provides endless ideas and personalities to enrich your campaigns.


Purchase the Wayfarers Roleplaying Game.