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The Hall of NPCs


Here you will find pre-generated non-player characters for use with the Wayfarers role-playing game.


Use the Character Record Sheet and share your own NPCs! Submit them to: jimmy@yeoldegamingcompanye.com



1st skill level

Ahim, Human: by Steve C.

Sebastian Ashe, 1st Circle Faith, Human: by Gregory Vrill

Theold Glazner, Human: by Jimmy Swill

Vled Mortimir, Hobgoblin: by Edward B.

Lefty (Seamus Reilly), Human: by Dag

Lucian, 1st Circle Hermetic, Human: by Gareth

Mick Reilly, Human: by Dag

Quinn Reilly, Human: by Dag

Sam(antha), Human: by Q

Pilate Vameer, Human: by Jimmy Swill

William, 1st Circle Hedge, Orc: by Morgannon

Threnody Zhong, Human: by Mad Dog



2nd skill level

Amanda Dawson, 1st Circle Hermetic, Human: by Gregory Vrill

Theold Glazner, Human: by Jimmy Swill

Mara Wosso, 2nd Circle Hedge, Half-orc: by Jimmy Swill

Orson, Human: by Jimmy Swill



3rd skill level

Frank Burton, Human: by Gregory Vrill

Theold Glazner, Human: by Jimmy Swill

Wendell Grimes, 2nd Circle Hedge, Human: by Moth*

Margaret (Maggie) Harper, Human: by Moth*

Cley Odik, Dwarf: by Jimmy Swill



4th skill level

Theold Glazner, 1st Circle Hedge, Human: by Jimmy Swill

Harold Riley, 2nd Circle Faith, Human: by Jimmy Swill



5th skill level

Duncan, Ogre: by Jimmy Swill



6th skill level

Erasmus Kaan, Human: by Jimmy Swill



8th skill level

Solomon Keys, 6th Circle Hermetic, Human: by Moth*



15th skill level

Amanda Dawson, 7th Circle Hermetic, Human: by Gregory Vrill




*This NPC has been created outside the boundaries of normal PC creation. Typically this regards the NPC's attribute scores, where they are higher or lower than those of a typical PC. We make an effort to indicate all such cases, but we cannot guarantee it.