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Original Wayfarers RPG Resources


Wayfarers (original) Downloads

Wayfarers (original) RPG Preview

Wayfarers Character Record Sheet PDF

Wayfarers Character Record Sheet (doc)

Wayfarers Guild Journal: Issue #1 PDF

Wayfarers Game Master PC-Tracking Sheet

Wayfarers Creature Power Scores

Wayfarers Pre-generated Character Attribute Combinations

The Hall of NPCs: Non-player Characters to go.



Wayfarers (original) Online Tools

Wayfarers Creature/PC Power Score Estimator



World of Twylos Downloads

World of Twylos Map TIFF (50MB)

World of Twylos Map BMP (20MB)

Introductory Adventure: Trouble at Niven's Creek



Wayfarers (original) Fan Material

Boat and Ships: Stats and Combat: by Rex -New

Wayfarers Character Record Sheet Calculator: by Frog -New

Wayfarers Nostalgia Character Record Sheet PDF: by Anthony Holtberg

Wayfarers Character Record Sheet PDF: by Korvenis Wrathtree

Astrology & Character Creation PDF: by Moth




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