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Terror in the golden sands (LBK)

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Lodge of the Bronze Knight
Lodge of the Bronze Knight

Joined: 02 Nov 2009
Posts: 89

PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:40 am    Post subject: Terror in the golden sands (LBK) Reply with quote

The Shattering and The Forging

During the time intervening the end of our last adventure and the start of the new one a few things will occur. Herein lies the telling of those events...
Razzeel secludes himself for 3 days to pray for guidance in creation of a tellurgic relic. The answers he receives are not what he or anyone could have expected. Upon the fourth day he gathers up all that remains of his hoard of treasure (which was still 62 plat worth of gems and coin you frickin thieves) and rides out alone towards Aerie Fortress. Many see Razzeel leave town leading a horse laden with a chest. The rumors of the treasure of the dragon priest drives a few desperate individuals to attempt to rob him.
The first group bandits confront Razzeel not a day away from Llesendor. He leaves the three of them alive, even healing one of them. The second group is larger and Razz summons an elemental to aid him in defending his life and treasure. This time, however, two of the four attacking are killed and the other two chased off to tend their wounds elsewhere. Just after leaving the crossroads a third group attacks. It is not known what Razzeel did to them, but their charred and broken corpses were left as a warning to all others. He proceeded the rest of the way to Aerie Fortress unopposed.
Razzeel has a meeting with Hargrim as soon as he arrives and leaves the chest there. On the following morning he heads out again, this time towards River Watch. As soon as gets there he steps through the mirror and enters Llesendor to retrieve the dragon-bone club. The twelve foot thigh bone is difficult for Razz to carry let alone wield as a weapon. He talks to Jye and to Abadon at some length then enters a private chamber to pray once more. When he emerges he takes the dragon-bone club and transforms himself, taking the elemental form of earth. At twelve feet tall and composed of stone he looks more capable of wielding the massive club, but instead of using it as a weapon he grasps the the club tightly, wraps his tail around the lower half and seems to struggle with it. It is almost an hour later when his intent becomes clear as the area around River Watch is rocked by a thunderous shattering.
Abadon takes up 7 shards of dragon bone and carries them away. The spell transforming Razz wears off and he rests for a while before casting it again. Once again assuming earth elemental form he takes up the remains of the club and begins to grind the pieces into dust in his rocky hands. Anyone observing will see what looks to be sparks flying from the shards of bone and the stone hands crushing them almost like flint and steel. It takes several hours and most of Razzeel's priestly magic to grind the dragon bone into a pile of very heavy dust. Jye helps Razzeel gather up the dust and stores it in the smithy.
A few weeks go by and messengers go out to Gaius, Legar, Bink, Turok, Ivan, and Sperkol. Each delivers a small satchel, within is a foot long dagger made of dragon bone. (1d6+1 damage non-magic). At River Watch a shadow passes over and then passes over again. Most will recognize the roc from Aerie Fortress. It lands and drops off a large bag full of what appears to be chunks of ore. It is in fact raw platinum ore traded by the dwarves for Razzeel's remaining wealth.
Once more Razzeel takes on elemental form, this Jye takes the ore and places it in a special crucible to smelt it. With lengthy metal tongs he picks up the crucible and plunges it into the heart of Razz's elemental form. The smoke and fire that makes up his body shifts and whirls, but upon introduction of the metal it blazes up banishing all smoke and becoming a purified flame. Great effort is required to maintain the searing heat required to melt the ore. The magical fire is intense and Jye is singed even with the ring of heat protection. Bit after bit the ore is melted down. It will take a week of exhausting effort to smelt the ore this way. During each session a handful of the powdered dragon-bone is added to the molten metal (and at the end Razz's ring of protection) until it is all mixed into the platinum creating a strange opalescent metal.
At the forge Jye begins to hammer out small discs of the platinum alloy. Razzeel's part in this stage is to assume the form of a water elemental and serve as the quenching for the fiery metal. The pain caused by each disc is excruciating, but Razz insists it must be done. Only a handful of discs may be completed each day to allow Razzeel to heal as magic is ineffective at relieving his suffering. The discs must now be shaped into scales, but Jye has never seen a real dragon, and he has never seen such sacrifice for faith other then the tales of his own father. Jye prays for his own guide to aid him and the mighty seraphim that taught him to forge armor grants him a rare vision.
The vision shows a time of ancient memorial and a gathering unlike any other. Three massive dragons hold court for thousands of Sathar. The ceremonies continue as Jye approaches the center of the court. In his vision he stands before the Three and as one they look down on him. They speak in a triumvirate of voices, “Long after the Sathar have risen and fell a terror will rise in the golden sands. The betrayers will stand up and smite the world and only the Knight will oppose them. Take these, “ and each Dragon-god plucks the tiniest of scales from around their eyes, “and forge them in our likeness.” The scales are placed on the ground in front of Jye. The Dragon-gods are black, silver and gold in coloration and they place the scales one on top of the other. The last to place a scale, the black dragon Izain, presses them together and they melt into a single opalescent scale. Izain makes a gesture and Jye feels a peculiar wrenching and suddenly wakes with a start in his quarters off of the forge. Upon the anvil of star-metal is a single scale, perfectly formed. Jye sends for Razzeel to begin the forging of the scales.
Each scale is hammered out, Razzeel summons a greater fire elemental to heat the metal and assumes the water elemental form to quench the scales. A lesser smith would never have even come close to the near perfection Jye achieved in copying the master scale. Such was the work and magic that each locked onto the other forming a scaly skin without the need for a leather backing. The master scale sits at the center and blends perfectly with the others in color and shape. As the last is placed Razzeel resumes his natural form. He is nearly delirium from the stabs of fiery pain, but there is one last thing for him to do. He begins the final prayers of making the relic and at the end takes the form of an air elemental and carries the scale armor into the sky. Almost instantly the clouds turn black and a storm rolls in.
Searching the sky from the ground those that have witnessed the forging spot a tiny speck at the base of an angry anvil cloud. Three bolts of lightning converge on the speck striking the armor. The flash is blinding and no one can see Razzeel in the form of air drifting to the ground. The armor serves as a weight keeping his descent constant, otherwise the winds would have blown the elemental form to who knows where. The spell ends as Razz touches ground now wearing the strange metal armor. There is nothing left in him, but the barest flicker of life.
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Lodge of the Bronze Knight
Lodge of the Bronze Knight

Joined: 02 Nov 2009
Posts: 89

PostPosted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 10:40 am    Post subject: The Bargain Reply with quote

The Bargain

When Kord went out to resurrect Razzeel there was an encounter that not everyone was privy to. While it is fine for Kord to keep this information to himself as players you need to know what happened in order to follow the storyline.
The spell was cast and Kord found his spirit transported to another plane. Before him stood the goddess Kithain. Towering over him like a titan, she stated that she would not grant the spell and heal Razzeel. When asked why Kithain told Kord that Razzeel was not only not a follower, but that he was the chosen of a beast. Within the spirit plane of the gods a great roar was heard, and the spirit of Izain the dragon king/god joined the conversation. The two gigantic figures argued back and forth.
Kithain was of the opinion that Izain was an upstart a mortal and not a diety. The gods all had followers molded in their image, created by the gods. Izain and the other dragons had set them selves up as kings co opting the reptilians that the real gods had created and pretending towards godhood. The dragons paid for their insolence when the world rose up and slew two of the great dragons and driving two away. Now only Izain, bitter with loss and trapped in mental lassitude while the remainder of the reptilians were slain, including his “chosen one”.
Izain was furious and vowed to create his own race and complete the transition from mortal being to god, but Kithain (and the other gods through proxy) would only allow Izain to join them on the god plane if it was a mortal choice to place him there.
Razzeel is Izain's chosen, the start of a new race shaped in the image of dragons. He must seek out his king/god and choose without knowing of the consequences of that choice. Kord is blocked from telling anyone of that one part, but the rest is up for grabs.
The time of the choice is fast approaching. The sands to the south are awash in Sathar blood. Llesendor is in panic from the dragons. Razzeel is transitioning from reptilian to draconian within an oversized egg. The lodge is also in turmoil from the change in leadership. What comes next?
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