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SCP Commander A RTS RPG Table Top Hybrid

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:02 am    Post subject: SCP Commander A RTS RPG Table Top Hybrid Reply with quote

Creative Commons law

I do not own SCP I have just made a game based on SCP
For the makers of SCP it self you can find them at this site

This game is also protected by Creative Commons law


Watch this for a basic Idea of what SCP is?

By The Volgun

You can also watch this by SCPArchives

Did you watch them if so it be easier to play then let me tell you about the first SCP Table top RTS RPG Hybrid game

Maps and Player sheets are found at end Warning you need to read the post to know how to play.

And thank you for looking.

How it works?:
Game Master Acts as go like he will in other RPGs but he controls full AI foundations.
He picks of how big and where they are found on the maps.
Game Master Also keeps track of the players progress in RTS on the graph sheet and on the maps.

The Players how do they Keep track of this stuff?:
They Get what is called the overseer sheet.
Players do not have to get the sheet they can work as a unit of one of the other overseers.
The overseer means you run a foundation you make and what you make it to be full player choice.

such as building a building they can pick a building out of the list then tell the GM how it looks and write it down next to the building name, as a Description
all players will get a building and unit sheet they will write the number they own of that type and a Description of it next to the name and number.

The Players that are overseers also have to deal with other things like.

SCP Care
Cover ups
Area they own on the maps
And Taxs/Bills

These will be explained in more detail sometime on.

As a RPG player what do you do? and how do you go from RTS to RPG?:

This ones a bit tricky if you pick to be working as a unit for any foundation rather then owning your own you will play like a normal RPG.
That means you will have no worry about the RTS part and will deal on what the GM or your Foundation picks for you to do.
some things that they can do is.

Send you on a mission/Job
Or use you for other things they may need such as if they start a war.
They can also Disown you at that time you can pick to join a new foundation or freelance.

RPG players who are not overseers can find there own money Items buy stuff from shops or do what GM lets them, Just like a normal RPG but with The 4 Forever system and The BrancherMaPer.

Switching from RTS to RPG?:

As a overseer you tell the GM what unit you are switching to every uni has it's own stats that can be change by your stats.
On your player sheet you will fill out like normal if you do not know how to fill out one ask the GM, It is mostly normal till you get to the stats
Health and armor with the 4 Forever system most things are based on the idea of 4 meaning 4 good 4 bad.

This is explained in more detail on the 4 Forever Sheet.

That means you get 1 point to spend on any stat the rest are Base 0 meaning nothing good nothing bad normal.
You can also take away two points from any stat you like making it a -1 or -2, the points you taken away from a stat can be used in other stats.
You can only go up to 4 on one stat points are given very rarely you can only go to 3 after that one 4.

Keep in mind the game is turn base like almost all RPGs.

Health HP

you start with 80

You can find health packs and other health replenishment's

Mind Health MHP

It is at 100 from the start and if drops to ZERO your unit/ player will go insane
to fix this you can take turns to replenish your psycho

Blood Loss your unit can have blood loss you can use any item that counts under a cloth to stop it.
blood loss is a D6 roll each turn in damage you can also use what you are wearing if it is clothing taking away 1 AP each use.

Armor repair

Players start with armor given to them by the GM Normal or clothing is recommended

For a amount of scrap that ranges from normal scrap power scrap such can be used for repair you can also take it to a repair shop.
that shop is found in your foundation HQ free of charge.
once you have this set up you will move on to your overseer sheet if your overseer and deal with

Covers Ups
Are free unless your trust drops 5 or lower 5 is $2,000 each cover up with 2,000 added each trust point you are lower

Money you can gain money for your foundation Co. Inc. or such lots of ways
one is getting SCPs Safe $3,000 pay per game Euclids $5,000 pay per game Keters $8,000 pay per game There is also jobs missions and spoils of war

Power The control you have over your owned Area % If you have full power of 10 you are the Gov of that area and no one other acts as a Gov with that you get a pay each 5 games of $5,000 pay as a extra gift for having 10 power the lower the less you can do without the gov getting involved they restrict you from 8 a lower from somethings the more points you get the less they restrict you and the less you have the more the GM picks what your restricted from doing by your power power is gained rarely by not doing things that will make the gov mad aka like war random attacks on cities and such once you get to 10 there is only 2 ways to have loss of power loss in a war or mistreating of your lands people

Leadership Control over your own units and stuff any thing above 2 is good 4 is max but 2 and below on 2 members will not follow order just right or have misinterpretation of what you mean sometimes 1 the D class prisoners may riot killing others harming buildings and making chaos plus everything from 2 you can fix your leadership by making more Care Centers to help men that been hurt or need other help also you can win a war for a leadership point but a loss of a war will take one away

Area is the land air and sea you own

SCP cost to maintain this is added to your bills Per Game
Safe $2,000
Euclid $3,000

SCP are found when GM Informs you but they can be randomly found or randomly come from nowhere sometime

To contain a scp the player must harm it close but not to death once it is half the health as it normally has then you will roll to contain you can also kill it if you wish but you can only do this as a player you can not send units to get the scp for you you need a player controlled unit to do so
if the Scp health is 25% of it's normal Health you get 1+ to your roll you roll a D8 and as normal 5 and above means you win aka contain it
GM picks what scps how powerful what there stats and health are also they also can make there own scps but it is recommended to use pre made scp from the website
The SCP Foundation found at the top of this post

And your base stats for overseer are set by your Difficulty as seen in this next Image

Now to switch from your RTS to RPG it is easy just tell the GM that you are switching and what unit you are switching to

A D Class unit has a -1 to all your stats so if you have a 2 on end it becomes 1 but D class are cheaper.

Guards are units who can only be used at base but are a +1 to Dam and End

Your normal unit that will be full based on your player sheet is task force they are units you can use for anything you like and are a ok price.

List and Cost are not done so you only have one type of units to use at the time and Your HQ supports mostly all
Task force is the only unit at the time but as you see others are planed and task force cost $300 each at this time.
As A overseer you will advance in the game to taking land and such to take land is easy just win a fight with the foundation that owns the area or things
AKA have a war the war is based around who kills all of the other deployed units first this will be allot of unit switching when the one your playing dies till you use all the units

You can pick how many units that you own to use in a fight

Some areas have no ownership at all and can be taken in 2 turns with no war
some are own by the Gov
Some are taken by other things in some rare cases SCP 610 owns a area
some are own by other players or AI foundations

You can see by checking the map but that will only tell you if its own by a other foundation.
If something other then a foundation owns it then it will not be known till you send in men to see/recon.

Area own by players is marked around the borders with color pencils

To help keep track of the land the players own what color a player is and such there is this nice Graph sheet

Most of the story's can be made by the GM or can be taken from the SCP foundation Website I myself when testing taken the scp 015 and how units have gone missing and made a story about it and how men where sent to find the lost units if they can now that turn to a fight for survival latter on and was fun for the players

This game also uses the BrancherMaPer as talked about some time back.
This is mainly where you hit on somethings body EX. throwing swinging or firing

To use this area map you need 1 D6 1 D10 and 1 D8

You roll twice or once counting on the place you hit

The Player sheets and Overseer are found Past this line and past a 2 line is the Map sets
4 Forever Game rules sheet

Overseers Sheet

Player Sheet


Map SET 1

Tip Most maps link even other map sets link to other map sets

1 The Point

2 The 4 Sides

3 Snowing down


Map set 2

1 Running in the Sand

2 Two Sided

3 Blue Sands Island


Map set 3 The Finisher this set was created to be parts that may be missing from other maps




This is by Shawn Phillips and uses a new system and new ways of playing compared to the older games and will not fit with the rest once so ever

Like SCP?

you can find other scp games here

UPDATE 1 Units and buildings

New units and buildings plus there cost

Units are most of the time inside the buildings there is no drawing o items needed.
When you use them they do what ordered based on how your roll are they will do good or bad or ok.
then when done with all the rolling if nothing happen to kill them all the ones alive will go back to base.
You roll a D8 most of the time like normal and the GM give small detail like what they did if they did and anything they got or found.
when fighting or such your rolls are vs to GMs rolls rather then just rolling for a good number you deal with trying to get a higher number then GM like normal.
And you can enter in RPG mode any time when in RPG mode the GM adds more detail and gives you all the Normal RPG stuff.
like story and any such thing you will find in a RPG.

you can also just pick one unit and go in RPG mode off the bat.

Each building has a Shape that the player will draw where they will put there building.

Placing a building needs to be placed is a non SCP 610 or other foundation own area.

Building Are represented by letters on the map Command C Site SI Sector SE Area A Unit U Barracks B and if upgraded add the letter of the upgrade and a _ Before it

Research R Storage ST Containment CO Mobile M Armed AR Dimensional DIM Reliquary RE

place these letters in the area you made it and only if that area lets you



This is the first 2 parts that where made I plan to add onto the game and fix any errors found and make things easier to understand if needed and this game can be hard to understand sometimes

Thanks for taking the time to look at this I have a Plan for 2 Game Add ons

My older games where more well liked so I also plan on posting them latter as re releases

Thanks for your help and support keep in mind this is free so never try to sell or buy it this game is based off SCP

Hints to the add on 2

add on 2


add on 1 now out

The maps here are based on the SCP 610 sites and what I think they look like they may have the word site and Letters but they do not have any buildings or walls placed around them it is there to show where the SCP will or if the GM likes put them the GM may never have the SCP Foundation know of 610 and let the player take the land when he likes or such

Rules about SCP 610 and how it acts is found in the SCP 610 post on the SCP foundation site

Some fast tips about scp 610 is

It can be killed by guns and such but it will take a high amount of ammo flame/fire weapons work the best

If touch by scp 610 that is alive and not dead will turn the one to touch into scp 610 also some times 610 has spores that it shoots into the air from advanced stages of 610 taking these into your body will turn anything living into scp 610 extremely fast compared to normal

SCP 610 has many forms flying forms food for 610 forms aka Big read ball with human heads that seem to not have been made into scp 610

SCP 610 All about 610 Link:

The new maps Name: The lost lands

Map 1 Sink Hole

Map 2 Site B

Map 3 Smallness

These maps are made to look and be like what I see of SCP 610

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 12:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Please post in the hello thread if you want to use the promo forum.

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 27, 2013 12:50 am    Post subject: fun Reply with quote

Just had a awesome meeting with a group to play this game Everyone in the group enjoyed it and told me some new Ideas that I can try adding more to come maybe
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