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DiD 4 Summary

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:59 am    Post subject: DiD 4 Summary Reply with quote

Da PCs-

Gregory Vrill- An eerily familiar stranger. Hermetic magic user and kind of a great guy. Alignment LG, Myers-Briggs ESTP.
Nitch- A gnome priest of Typhon. Likes apples. We're all a little worried about him.
Dutch- A hard drinking, hard fighting, hard to understand priest of Zhol. He can't cast spells, but he is very wise.
Brogg- Remember Brogg? He's back! In Brogg form. Has a gun. Brogg has recently taken to the study of polearms.
Greymarie Halifax- I think this is a character from Utena or something. A knight, and a cleric of possibly all the gods. Stops in once in a while to dispense cynical advice and ask The Big Questions.

And together, they fight crime.


Erasmo Galjour- Former Master Alchemist and current Master in the Guild of Mirrors. He unfroze the first PCs and sent them on a quest. He would probably be played by Johnny Depp.
Sancho Bevel- A guy who drives a stage coach for the PCs.
Wilbur Marsh- A Fellow on the Reformed Council on Toxicology. Offered the party work.
June- A mysterious little girl who was commissioned by the Old Slaver's Guild as a "weapon." The exact nature and extent of her powers are at this time quite unknown.
Smedley the Chirurgeon- An old hick with rusty surgery tools who heals and loots people on battlefields. The party's new best friend. Knows where stuff is.
Vodalus Horch- Master of the Guild of Espers. He's a mind flayer in a tank.

New Guilds

Guild of Mirrors- A group of mystics who sought to contact a higher power in order to manipulate politics and economics. Thus far, they've been highly successful.
Guild of Flesh- Slavers and Alchemists who turned their talents towards manipulating the raw stuff of life to create slave races uniquely adapted to their functions.
The Machinists- When Alchemist and Hermetic mage Henry Skullbright heard the final monologue of A Shadow's Fall, he was inspired to found a new guild dedicated to revolutionizing the life of the common man through technological innovation.
The Espers- A group of investigative Alchemists who discovered Zeaven Indigo, a new kind of zeaven which awakens latent psychic ability.
The Shippers- Once mages discovered they could travel to other planets, someone had to figure out how to move large numbers of peasants across space to colonize those planets. Closely aligned with the Machinists.
The Reformed Council on Toxicology- Viral Magic is largely acknowledge to have been A Bad Idea. Surely there is a more efficient way of solving Twylos' problems....
Demonwed Handmaidens- Brides of Zhol who have turned from Zhol to embrace the Grey King, one of Twylos' "true masters."


Gregory, Nitch, and Dutch awakened in Cold House, a section of the museum of oddities known as the Tomb of Morgannon. They met Master Erasmo Galjour, who explained that the Guild of Mirrors has people like them in various forms of suspended animation across Twylos. He went on to say that the guild had a special job for the PCs, and that they had been singled out for the job by a machine which supposedly talks to "God."

The mission was to travel to the Sub-Twylos and recover a weapon which was in the form of a little girl. The party travelled to the village of Ellsdane, entered the Sub-Twylos, met Greymarie Halifax and Brogg, and journeyed through subterranean depths. They met a man named Wilbur Marsh who offered to give them work if they ever dropped by Moorcrest.

The party found the weapon, which was a little girl named June, subdued her with a magic unicorn doll, and made their way back to the surface. Ellsdane was under attack by Demonwed Handmaidens, and the party entered the fray. June revealed her true power and called down a massive flock of birds to help win the battle. Dutch found a scrollcase containing a map.

The party returned to Gyre and reported back to Erasmo, who had a new job for them. The Guild of Espers wants the party to travel to Thenzor Deep and recover the brain of a wizard named Gideon Dunkelwald.

At the moment, the party is more interested in Dutch's map, which apparently shows the location of the fabled Gem-Stone Mine of the Gnomish King.

UPDATE! The party killed the gnome king and LOTS of gnomes, then Nitch refused to become the new king of the Red Caps.

The party has now gone to Thenzor Deep and is trying to get the Obsidian Cup from the mysterious Cult of Gayla!

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Gregory Vrill
YOGC Staff

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 11:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Brilliant and hilarious.

You and Salmonid are f'in great GMs. Both these games are damn good.


Hey, wait. 'Kind of a dick'? Who was it that gave HEALING POTIONS to all the people? Digger McGnome or Sailor Moon Mary? NO I THINK NOT.
The GM is your friend.
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