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DiD3 PCs: PCs post and edit your characters here. No chat.

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Harold Riley

Joined: 06 Jun 2008
Posts: 179

PostPosted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:43 pm    Post subject: DiD3 PCs: PCs post and edit your characters here. No chat. Reply with quote

Harold Riley

Level: 4th
Unspent (Dp: 0, Pp: 4)
Race: Human, Age: 19, Hair: Brown, Eyes: Brown, 5'9" tall, 128 lbs.

Agility: 12, Endurance: 10, Intellect: 14, Presence: 12, Strength: 9
Dodge: 12
Health Points: 20
Mental Resist: +2, Physical Resist: +0, Initiative: +0
Armor Absorption: 2

Disciplines: English, Gossick, Literacy, Improved Dodge I, Increased Accuracy I, Weapon Mastery (Class E) II, Critical Hit (E), Backstab I, Health Point (1), Increased Agility (12), Armor Use I, Shield Use I, Multiple Attacks (Class E) I

Proficiencies: Artistic Ability (Comic Ink work) I, Climbing I, Engineering I, Heraldry I, Local Knowledge (Mt. Clemens, MI) I, Regional Knowledge Saethos I, Regional Knowledge Vehrlands I, Perception II, Running II, Stealth I, Swimming I, Trade Skill (Mathematics) I, Trade Skill (Video Gaming) I, Trade Skill (Computer Programming) I, Wilderness Lore I, World Knowledge I

Equipment: Reboks, Leather Armor, Shield, Belt, Jeans, Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy T-shirt, 5 US Quarters, Brown Wool Cloak, Backpack (3 days food, Comb, Driver's License (Harold Thomas Riley, DOB: 1966, 1327 Miller St. Mount Clemens, MI.), 50 sc, Plastic Faygo Red-Pop Bottle of Water, Thainist Holy Symbol), 2 Daggers, 3 Ceramic Lavender Eggs, sunglasses, Longsword (Karl's).

Last edited by Harold Riley on Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:34 pm; edited 29 times in total
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Joined: 06 Jun 2008
Posts: 509
Location: Pleroma, Oregon

PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Tanner Black

Level: 4th Race: Human HP: 28 Dodge: 13 MR: +1 PR: +2 Init: +1

Agility: 13 Endurance: 12 Intellect: 10 Presence: 11 Strength: 11

Disciplines 0 pt saved
Literacy, Fleshtongue, Gossick, Shield Use, Health Point IIII
Armor use I Weapon Mastery II (E) Vital Strike II
Multiple Attacks II Increased Accuracy I

Proficiencies 2 pt saved
Contacts I Herbalism (drugs) I Trade (intoxicants) II
Gambling I Stealth II+1 Perception II
Ancient History I World Knowledge I Persuasion III
Running I

Armor Impedance -0
Armor Absorption -2

Longsword TH +3 Damage 1d8+1 Rate 3/2
Bow TH +1 Damage 1d6+1

coin 1 gold crown. 100 sr.

Longsword, Shield, Leather Armor, Long Bow, Quiver 20 arrows, Boots, Leather Cloak,

Back Pack- Metal French press, 1lb coffee, Razor and small mirror, Black Bandanna, Metal and Wood pipe shaped like an Efrett, Waterskin, Small pack- Herbsack- ginger, cayenne, peppermint, cardamom, 10 silver. Sack- 2 days tack, 8 lemons, 1/2 lb honey. 1 ounce of Mildsage, non addictive but has a pleasant aroma and taste. Books "Secret Societies for Dummies", "Master Cleanse Diet" two doses of hellfire (gets an unconscious guy up, +1 STR/END, might kill you if you take a second dose), one each of brown, green, and white bryony, and a small bag of Saethen cacti called Yellow Cactus: helosuur. Robot head

Occupation: Full time owner of the Boot Black Bar/Part time member of the Slavers Guild.

Handedness: Left Age: 29 Ht: 5'9 Wt: 163 lbs

Last edited by greyfaced on Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:26 am; edited 14 times in total
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Ars Mysteriorum

Joined: 27 Sep 2008
Posts: 339
Location: Sioux Falls, SD, USA

PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Level: 2nd

Race: Human

Age: 28

Hair: Often run through with fingers in frustration at how the universe refuses to cooperate with his brilliant theories. Usually looks much better when he makes up a simple solution that explains away inconvenient, dissenting variables.

Eyes: Pure, brilliant madness. Not unlike a spooked horse.

Weight: Pithy

Height: Terribly important

Handedness: Under.

Occupation: Hermetic Wizard who doesn't believe in magic.

Discipline Points: 4

Proficiency Points: 2

Agility: 8
Endurance: 8
Intellect: 16
Presence: 12
Strength: 8

Physical Resistance: -2
Mental Resistance: +2 (+3 vs Magic)



Language: Gossick*
Language: Verlhyne (3)
Health Point II (4)
Hermetic Magic Potential (35)
Magic Resistance I (5)
Extra Spell I (3)
Savant: Ancient History I (3)

Ancient History II (4)
Arcane Knowledge I (4)
Magic Acuity II (Cool
World Knowledege I (4)
Perception II (4)
Persuasion I (2)
Distract I (2)

1st (4): Fog, Command: Sting, Friends

117 sc

Equipment: Robes (2 sc), Wool Cloak (1 sc), Boots (2 sc) Staff (2 sc), Dagger (18 sc), Satchel (1 sc), Ink Bottles, Quills, and Parchment (equal to 1 sc), Book: How to Meet and Talk to Womenfolk (Inestimable)
Check out my creations for various games at my RPG Sanctuary.

Last edited by Ars Mysteriorum on Sat Feb 14, 2009 11:23 am; edited 6 times in total
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Gustav Gelling

Joined: 11 Jan 2009
Posts: 118

PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Gustav Gelling

Level: 4th

Race: Human

Age: 25

Skill Points: 61
Unspent Discipline Points: 14
Unspent Proficiency Points: 0

Occupation: Aspiring Thaumaturgist. Gustav sees life as a puzzle and magic as the solution. Gustav believes with youthful naivete in the essential goodness and utility of magic, and hopes that one day, with his help, it will revolutionize all of Twylos. His pragmatism often reaches into plain amorality, and he has recently taken up with the slaver's guild, hoping to make himself useful in keeping slaves in line and increasing productivity.


Agility 9
Endurance 9
Intelligence 14
Presence 14
Strength 8

Health Points: 20
Dodge: 10

Physical Resistance: +0
Mental Resistance: +2

Hedge Magic Potential
Extra Spell (1st Circle)
Improved Dodge I
Weapon Mastery A I
Health Point III
Improved Physical Resist I
Savant (Healing) I
2nd Circle Hedge

Healing III
Persuasion II
Contacts I
Herbalism I
Arcane Knowledge I
Perception II
Sleight of Hand I
Local Knowledge (Gossar) I
Ancient History II
Religious Knowledge I

Spells Per Day:
1st: 5
2nd: 2

Spellbook: Fix, Illuminate, Water to Wine, Double, Captivate

Silver: 236
Gold: 6
Boots, Belt, Breeches, Gloves, Scarf, Jerkin, Backpack, Spellbook, Mace, Ink Bottle, Parchment, Lousy Leather Armor, Metal Bound Book, Mummy Talisman (Finger of Sister Varena), Woody's Medals (Heart, Hand, Eye), Karl's book and scroll (Written in Ixian), A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L'Engle, Cool Shades, Trapper Keeper, +1 Mace, Rosary, Scroll of Summon Jesus

Last edited by Gustav Gelling on Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:36 am; edited 10 times in total
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Joined: 22 Jul 2008
Posts: 189
Location: La Badlandsa - So Nice!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:30 pm    Post subject: Cyndre Reply with quote

Cyndre is a human, about 5'8" or so and a generally non-descript build. He has alopecia, and so has no hair (he may or may not have eyebrows / eyelashes, I don't really know what the disorder is). He is not hideous, but is not especially attractive, and his personality is, for the most part, forgettable. He usually doesn't say much, but sometimes he does - he's not especially intelligent or wise, so people usually prefer silence.

He has no real "class" or skills. He believes that he has psionic powers, and he may. He usuallly focuses really hard while throwing one of his alchemical compounds (you didn't know he was an alchemist? Keep reading) and sometimes stuff happens, sometimes it doesn't. Whether it's psionics, alchemy, or just dumb luck.

Cyndre has studied 2 things intensely: alchemy and chicken breeding and fighting. He is one of the best known trainers in the world; his chickens have won 7 national championships. After a freak mishap with one of his personal favorite chickens, he decided to find a new love: alchemy. He spent his entire fortune learning the craft from the best alchemist in the world (true story - the guy even said he was the best).

Cyndre has studded leather armor, specially treated to resist a basilik's stare. He has brass knuckles but no real experience using them. He also has a large viking helmet; it's a bit too big for him. His year's of training chickens has left him extremely tough - he can take a huge amount of punishment.

He always carries a small portable hole (extremely small), stocked with an assortment of chemicals and compounds. They aren't organized well (can't read the labels inside the hole), but when he reaches in to pull something out, he usually gets something helpful. Usually.
Chickens, page 425 of Wayfarers, is missing a key rule. If you roll a natural 6, you roll again and keep a cumulative total until you do not roll a 6. Rolled a 13 to hit, 19 damage, etc. Helps the trash talk.
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D Crux

Joined: 12 Jan 2009
Posts: 58
Location: Beyond the Pale

PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:08 am    Post subject: Introducing: Ivy Rothschild Reply with quote


Allow me the pleasure of introducing Ivy Rothschild to you fine gentlemen. Ivy is a bit... unusual... but I'm sure in time you'll grow to enjoy her strange charms.

Ivy stands just over five feet tall. She has nondescript auburn hair, and blueish grey eyes, that sparkle and flash and draw you in. She's a bit skinny, but you generally don't notice that when she's looking at you.

Ivy is a human, fourth level Ritualist. She seems to venerate Athena, Goddess of Nature and the hunt - and she'll usually tell you so if asked - but as you get to know her inner heart more deeply, you'll realize that she's an opportunist, and if she venerates anything, it would be the ideas of nihilism, or anarchy, or what-the-fuckedness. Sometimes you can see the crazy behind her eyes, but it's such a pleasant crazy when you're on the ride that you might not care.

Ivy acts primarily on intuition and whim, and sometimes that works out very well for her. If she doesn't steal your heart or your wallet, it's because you're not trying hard enough.

Her main fears are boredom, poverty, and bugs, in that order. What she loves is taking things and affecting people, for good or ill. She doesn't want to keep things, really - she just likes taking.

Ivy has a weapon, but prefers to let others do the fighting. She would ask you to knock the combatants unconcious so she can sacrifice them to 'Athena', however.

Ivy's true love is poetry, from the noble haiku to the visceral rap, and the occasional spoken word piece thrown in. She hates reading poetry, is moderately tolerant of other people's spoken poems, and loves performing her own work. She remembers every poem, rhyme, or rap she has ever performed, and sometimes even ones she's heard.

Here are some quantitative measures of Ivy:

Ag13: En9: Int8: Pres16: St5.

Dodge: 13 HP: 21

PR -1: MR +1: Init +2


Ritual Magic: 2nd circle
Improved intiative I
Language: Gossick
Language: Zhellan
4 Extra Spell Points
Magic Potency II
Silent Casting I
3 Extra Hit Points
6 discipline points carried over


Perception 1
Sleight of Hand 1 (+1)
Performance 2 (+2)
Persuasion 4 (+2)
Lockpicking 4 (+1)
Stealth 4 (+1)
Disguise 1 (+2)
Magic Acuity (Presence-based) 1 (+2)
1 proficiency point remaining

Current Spell Points (11): BBB DDD GGG SSSS


130 sc

Travelling clothes: kicky beret, satin blouse with reinforced stitching, colorful shawl for chilly evenings, sensible tan pants, sneakers.

A fly pair of magic cufflinks.

Camping gear, bedroll, food, water, firekit, etc.

Trunk filled with clothes and shoes: Sensible flats to stiletto heels to Docs; grubby jeans-and-hoodie outfits to buisness suits to formal cocktail gowns.

Rapier: 1d6 -2
Light Crossbow: 1d4+1 with 25 bolts
Sacrifical Dagger: 1d6 -2

Hand mirror, Lockpick set, makeup kit, hairbrush, disguise kit

Dice, cards, runestones, Mic and amp, iPod (40 gig, halfway full), spare ear buds, gum. 27 silver royals.

Well, now that introductions are over, I hope you and she get along famously!
Truly the haiku
Is the most perfect poem
I think I'll write one

Last edited by D Crux on Mon Jun 08, 2009 12:38 am; edited 3 times in total
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Joined: 10 Mar 2009
Posts: 35
Location: just off the Columbia, spitting distance from the US border

PostPosted: Thu Mar 12, 2009 11:49 pm    Post subject: Has Hammer, Will Travel Reply with quote

Markus Schoenheim

Like his father before him, he was raised all over the west in a most Pragmatic fashion. Keep your morals and beliefs to yourself. Do what you must to make some money. Enjoy what you do. So Markus has, to a point. Most recenty in Vussar, and it's environs. Are you Ixian they asked? Yes, he said. They needed people, weren't too picky at the time... Learned enough about the religion to not be burned, worked as a guard. But with the death of Thom, he has had enough of the religious zealots. He just wants to wander, maybe smash something once in a while. And maybe, in the distant future, do nothing but cook.

Yes, he does love to cook. Which is the main reason that the Ixians kept him around.

5'4", 210 lbs. Basically short and wide. Not fat, necessarily. A little bit of a gut on him though. He has a pale and blotchy complexion, and no matter what he does, it is always pale and blotchy. His large nose is exaggerated by it's constant redness. He has light brown hair, and light gray eyes.
Looks like a bit of a drunken lout. But he doesn't really drink.

He is 21 years old

Level: 3rd

Race: Human

Age: 21

Skill Points: 40
Unspent Discipline Points: 1
Unspent Proficiency Points: 0

Occupation: Itinerant Mercenary.


Agility 10
Endurance 13
Intelligence 8
Presence 10
Strength 14

Health Points: 22
Dodge: 10 (-1 from armour impedance)

Physical Resistance: +2
Mental Resistance: +0

Armour Use II
Language: Zhellan (native), Taran, Gossick
Weapon Mastery Class B II
Quick Draw
Multiple Attacks I
Savant Cook I

Trade Skill-Cook (+1) III
Wilderness Lore III
Running III
Riding I
Jumping II
Healing I
Climbing I
Tracking II
Weapon Making I
Perception I

Splint Armour, Stompin' (Heavy) Leather Boots, Broad brimmed leather hat (his dad said it was worn by the Man with No Name... Markus never got that), Couple changes of servicable clothes (wool pants, linen tunics, etc), Wool Cloak, Bedroll, Backpack, Waterskin Fishing Line and Hook, Toiletries (soap, a towel, razor etc.), Hatchet, Cooking Gear (pots/pans/utensils), 1 lb various spices, Belt Pouch, a few Bandages, About a week of dried meats and Cheese, Gutter (a really sharp knife), Masher (Maul), Cleft (Battle Axe) and some basic weapon care supplies...

Last but not least a threadbare, dirty, bloody, smelly silk scarf, worn around his neck.
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